About Us

Yorco/G&G Stamping and Fabrication provides quality metal stamping and tool & die manufacturing in Cookeville, Tennessee. Yorco/G&G Stamping and Fabrication is a family owned and operated business, founded by Bob York who’s been in the business since 1962. Yorco/G & G Stamping and Fabrication specializes in three major areas: production metal stamping and welding, customized metal fabrication, and tool and die manufacturing.

We build all types of dies, from progressive and deep draw to blank, pierce, and cam dies. When it comes to metal stamping, at Yorco/G&G Stamping and Fabrication, size is not an issue. We have the experience, knowledge, and machining equipment, including CNC machines, to exceed your expectations in tool and die manufacturing. Let the experts at Yorco/G&G Stamping and Fabrication manufacture a tooling package that meets your needs. Whatever it takes to get the job done on time, Yorco/G&G Stamping and Fabrication will do it.

We’ll also ship the finished products, via commercial carriers, anywhere you need! And if you’re located within 100 miles of Yorco/G&G Stamping and Fabrication will bring it to you on our own trucks! We have one and two ton delivery trucks, five forklifts up to five tons and three bridge cranes up to five tons each.


About Bob York

Bob York, founder and president of Yorco/G&G Stamping and Fabrication has a lifetime of knowledge and experience in production metal stamping and welding, customized metal fabrication, and tool and die manufacturing. From an early age, Bob was always fascinated by engineering parts and building neat tools that could accomplish great things.

In 1962, Bob graduated from high school and attended an apprenticeship program for metal tools engineering. Bob’s talent soon landed him a job in a large corporation where he learned a lot. There, Bob confirmed metal stamping and manufacturing was what he wanted to do.

In 1974, Bob opened his first manufacturing plant with a couple of partners in McMinnville , Tennessee. The business grew and soon they had over a hundred employees.

In 1997, Bob was able to fulfill his lifelong dream and open his very own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cookeville, Tennessee: Yorco/G&G Stamping and Fabrication. Business has been great ever since.

When asked, Bob will tell you he has, “No plans of retiring anytime soon.” Bob thanks his many private and business customers for over 50 years of support.

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