Our Die Manufacturing Equipment

We have a full service tool room with the latest technology in machinery and CNC equipment to engineer and manufacture the highest quality dies. We have:

CNC Wire EDM (1) Radial Drills (1)
CNC Machining Center (3) Grinders (4) 12″ x 36″ and 6″ x 18″
Blanchard Grinding Drill Presses (2)
Mills (4) 12″ x 52″ Heat Treating
Lathes (2) 15″ x 60″ CNC Turning Centers (3)

Tool & Die Manufacturing and Services Offered

We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to exceed your expectations in tool and die manufacturing. We try out or ‘production run’ all tools before they leave our facility – if needed. In addition to the products below, we can also make custom parts, jigs, and fixtures.


Our in-house engineers can design a custom die to suit your needs.


Once the design is approved, we use our own state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture the product.


We offer sharpening, repairs, and EC (Engineering Changes).

Tool Refurbishing

Save money and avoid waste. We can bring your tools and machinery back to its original condition through our advanced refurbishing process.

Progressive Dies

Dies containing a series of stations that perform one press operation after another in a series. A progressive die gradually forms a part as it moves through the die, and the last operation separates the part. At Yorco/G&G Stamping and Fabrication, we engineer the highest quality progressive dies.

Hand Transfer

For small scale production and a more affordable product, we can transfer workpieces from one stage of production to another manually.

Single Hit Stamping

We provide quality piercing and hole punching. We offer finishing for a ready-to-ship piece.

Line Dies

We offer production-line engineering and can run your piece through multiple stages of shaping and cutting to create a product that fits your exact needs.

Compound Dies

For maximum efficiency, we can take a blank and, with one stroke, pierce, trim, and form it.

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